«Bellegpromproekt» JSC is always ready to work on new projects and seek mutually beneficial relationships with companies both in Belarus and abroad.

Our organization can perform a full range of projecting services for flax processing enterprises. We have highly qualified specialists in all areas of the projecting such production and a modern project base.

Over the past years we have released project documentation for reconstruction of «Dubrovno flax plant» (Minsk, Belarus) with the installation of a Belgian line «Van Dommele Engineering NV», which has higher rates in terms of raw material processing and its use as compared with the Russian line that is traditional for our flax plants. At present «Dubrovno flax plant» JSC produces high quality flax fibre.

We have also developed a project for installation of a similar line at «Dvorets flax plant» OJSC (Minsk, Belarus) and construction of a production building, sheds, a weighbridge with modern engineering laboratory.

In 2008 projecting of placement of an imported line placement of the firm «Depoortere NV» was started in another four flax plants of the Republic of Belarus. One provides construction of office and industrial buildings, boiler houses, sheds and other auxiliary facilities.

By orders of flax processing enterprises «Bellegpromproekt» OJSC develops project documentation for reconstruction of ventilation systems, boiler houses, and documentation for creating productions for intensive processing of flax fiber and waste management.

We strive for more full realization of our potential in the projecting and reconstruction of flax processing enterprises including those outside the borders of the Republic of Belarus.

Enthusiasm, professionalism and responsibility to the customers are the main features of our work.

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